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Have you ever thought what makes people different from the ones who Grow Rich and Earn Wealth in their life-time and those who remain same or loose wealth. And many times you wonder how they manage to live a Healthy and Prosperous lives and enjoy it as well. And what are the secret ingredients that makes their lives worth desiring. 

World Health Organization released a groundbreaking study that established a definitive link between mental health and economic productivityDepression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy US$1 trillion each year. Forbes Magazine.

In our workshop one of our participant acknowledged that had he learnt Emotion Self-management and Other Peoples Emotion management, he would have not lost 35 lakhs rupees over a period of 10 years. There is a direct relationship between a good Mental Health and Economic Growth or Wealth Creation. It is though not vice versa; that is,  A good Economic Growth may not necessarily means good Mental Health. 

Positive Mental Health or High Emotional Intelligence is one of the major factor in Personal Wealth Creation. When a mind is happy and stable, a person can focus on creating wealth for himself/herself. However, as simple as the inability to control or channelize one's emotions can cause not only personal monetary loss but also loss of credibility or goodwill and also can impact the family and society. That is what we see all around us that how sometimes we or other people with very high IQ or Intelligent Quotient loose out and do things in emotional states that surprises us all and we wonder what happened to such a nice or intelligent person.

And I am sure that is not just my story or your story, but of being human who are so vulnerable, and are unable to understand the conflicts taking place within ourselves, so complex, that most of the time we are unable to understand it. And our time (remember time is money) lost in trying to untie the knots or our reactions which we react in various situations that many times we regret that it could have been better. 

I always like to quote the song lyrics "Main aisa hoon toh aisa kyon hoon" (meaning - Why I am like this, the way I am). Further after not finding the answers the song concludes as, "Main aisa hi hoon" (meaning - I am like this only)... This is most of the people think and feel about, and this is because they do not find the answers and conclude that "they are what they are". However, we in Dominion Phillips have the passion to tell you what makes you that, which you are and How you can change into what you want to become.

Transformation is the key in the learning process of Dominion Phillips. We know the technology of human transformation. And that is what we bring in the lives of our clients - Transformation. That You can be Changed into what You want to Become.

Ajay Phillips


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