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Psychological Testing

We provide services in various Psychological Assessment and Analysis for the individuals and institutions for Psycho Analysis for decision making and interventions. Some of the tests are: 

  • Personality Tests
  • IQ Tests
  • Career Test
  • Memory Tests
  • Psychometric Test

Psychometric Assessment for CBSE Teaching and Non-Teaching staff

We provide services in Psychological Consulting that includes Psychological Testings, Counseling, Leadership Coaching, and Training services to our clients from Institutions, Corporate, Professionals, Students and Parents.

As we all are aware of the Compliance Circular from CBSE Board, that all Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff are required to go through the Psychometric Assessment for Behavioural and Safety issues and is mandatory for all CBSE schools, We are offering Psychometric Assessments with Detailed reports and certification to School staff.

Thousands of teaching and non-teaching staff from CBSE schools across India have submitted our reports to CBSE board as part of compliance and received no objections. Also, these tests should be looked at as a chance by academic institutions to improve the soft skills of teachers thereby improving a student’s learning capabilities and simultaneously creating a safe learning environment in schools.

The tests are based on Psychometric assessments that are approved by American Psychological Association and of International standard.

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