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Quality of Work-Life Balance

Studies have shown in 19th and 20th century that money was not the only motivator for an employee, where as other environmental factors also play a significant role in influencing the employee productivity.

Quality in the workplace comes from understanding the needs of all the internal and external customers, and then fully meeting it to the satisfaction. It is fulfilling of the need in the now and also into the future and doing it with continual improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

Quality of work life refers to favorableness of a total job environment of the people. The basic purpose is to develop jobs and working conditions that are excellent for people as well as for the economic health of the organization. QWL provides a more humanized and balanced work environment. Moreover with respect to Quality of work life Balance the employee is empowered to better manage various aspects of Social, Family and personal life.

It attempts to serve the higher-order needs of workers as well as their more basic needs. It seeks to employ to the higher skills of workers and to provide an environment that encourages improving their skills with a balance to personal aspirations.

Dominion Phillips Educare brings the insight on developing ecology of Work-Life Balance for high productivity and optimum employee satisfaction.


Mental health disorders are on the rise with 80% of people with any form of mental or substance use disorder in India...

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