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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the Ability to Understand and Manage ones own Emotions effectively and that of Others. 

It is proved that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a Key towards a Successful Living. Various studies shows that about 70-80% of the average person's Success in Personal Life, Relationships and Career is due to Emotional Intelligence as compared to 20-30% due to IQ.

A human with its mind, body and emotions, makes them what they are irrespective of the skills they posses. The same rejection that produced Mahatma Gandhi, also produced Hitler. What makes them different is the ability to manage and respond to challenging and complex emotions. 

Developing Emotional Intelligence is Key towards a Successful Living and Career. The ability to Understand and Manage Complex Emotions within, gives a person an Edge over others who are not able to manage it in Business, Career and Relationships. 

Being a Human First before being a professional or having any title or wealth, is the value we place on every individual. Therefore our key focus of development is in the area of Mind, Body (ie Health) and Emotions.

In this New Era of IT & Digital world, with New Challenges and Realities emerging, requires a New & Scientific Approach to Manage ourselves & the people in the Highly Competitive and Complex world. Today it is proved that Higher Emotional Intelligence is the Key for Success as compared to High IQ.

Through the Workshops and Seminars, Dominion Phillips Consultancy brings you the Secrets of Developing Emotional Intelligence for Successful Living.


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