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  • Performance Management | Emotional Intelligence

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Building and Developing People to maximize their potential with a value based lifestyle, is the vision we carry at Dominion Phillips Consultancy. This core vision drives the passion to invest in building people. Being a Human First before being a professional or having any title, is the value we place on every individual. Developing Intelligence leads to Empowerment, Empowerment lead to Mastery or Dominion.


Transforming people through developmental process and empowering them to manage complex human behavior in a day to day living is the need of the hour. We at Dominion Phillips Consultancy, emphasis and focus at Learning & Development and Human Resource as an untapped Potentials.

Dominion Phillips Consultancy has designed Learning & Development Programs that caters to Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Managers, Professionals, Executives, Parents, Couples and Students. We use scientific methodology of Meta Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Science, Human Potential Movement, and principles of Management in our Products and Services. Our Programs are highly effective in Personal Transformation, Behavioral Change, Performance Management, Healing and Wellness.

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