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Dominion Phillips Educare

Leadership and Human Potential Development Centre 

Dominion Phillips Educare is a Learning & Development Organization with the Vision to provide Services in Psychological Consulting & Wellness (Well-being of Mind, Body & Emotions) to Individuals, Executives, Professionals, Leaders, Business Owners, Parents & Students.

Dominion Phillips Educare uses Scientific Methodology of Cognitive Psychology, Human Potential, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Behavioral Science & Principle of Managements in their Learning & Development Workshops, which are proven Highly Effective in Personal Transformation, Behavioral Change, Performance Management and Health. We have certified over 250 participants (Psychologists, Doctors, Senior Managers, Professionals, Faculty members, Students & Entrepreneurs) in Nagpur since 2015.

Why Emotional Intelligence

In this New Era of the Digital and Information Technology, with emerging New Challenges and Realities, we require a New & Scientific Approach to Manage ourselves & others in the Highly Competitive and Complex world.

Studies have shown that people with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) have greater mental health, job performance, and leadership skills...

Daniel Goleman indicated that EQ accounted for 67% of the abilities deemed necessary for superior performance in leaders, and mattered twice as much as technical expertise or IQ. (Goleman, D. (1998). Working With Emotional Intelligence. New York, NY. Bantum Books.)

Dominion Phillips Educare has Spectrum of Programs that caters to Business Organizations, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Leaders, Professionals, Executives, Parents and Students.

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Decoding Communication


Decoding Communication

Communication is one of the most important factor that drives all relationships and business. A kind of communication creates positivity like love & harmony, at the same time another type of communication create negativity like conflicts and strife. 

Most of the time the verbal communication is full of ambiguity and inaccuracy in terms of the expression of the experience or the event. Sometimes ambiguity is good but some times it becomes the reason of conflicts between two people, or groups or even nations.

Communication is more than talking. It is active listening, listening the sensory cues, listening the predicates, understanding semantics and much more. Communication is a dialogue and not a monologue. It impacts our precious relationships, be it a business relationship, or a family, a spouse, or a friends, all are affected at some point of time during the course of the relationship. The once warm and growing relationship starts to drift away. How often we say that “you don't understand me” etc, and in our hearts we know how much we care and desire the best out of our relationship.

Developing Intelligence in Communication is key towards the Success in Business and Relationships. Dominion Phillips Educare brings you the scientific methodology of Encoding and Decoding of the communication. 

Ajay Phillips